China witnesses worst rainstorm in 1000 years, floods leave behind destruction

PUBLISHED ON JUL 22, 2021 01:04 PM IST

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  • At least 25 people have been killed in the deadly torrential rains in Central China. An aerial view showed cars piled up on top of each other on highways and roads completely choked with water following the floods. The Chinese government resorted to deploying the army to rescue over 2 lakh people from its city of Zhengzhou, where people were also reportedly trapped in chest-deep water in subways. Watch the full video for more details.


President Ashraf Ghani and the rest of the gathering calmly prayed while rockets struck in Kabul (TOLO News)

Watch: Eid prayer amid rocket attack in Afghanistan

PUBLISHED ON JUL 21, 2021 03:48 PM IST


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