Fearing bus attack in Pakistan, Chinese citizens are protecting themselves with AK-47 rifles

Chinese citizens working in CPAC i.e. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Pakistan are so afraid that they are working with AK-47 rifles on their shoulders. Pictures of Chinese civilians carrying weapons are going viral on social media.

Where did the Chinese engineers get these weapons?

Chinese citizens buy weapons to protect themselves

ABP News has also received information that Chinese citizens have bought these weapons from illegal market in Pakistan for their protection. Chinese engineers are deployed in large numbers in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPAC). A few days ago, a bus full of Chinese engineers working in Damu Dam under CPAC was blown up by a bomb blast in Khbair-Pakhtunkhwa, in which 09 Chinese engineers were killed. Three Pakistani civilians were also killed in the attack. Pakistan has failed to provide security to the citizens of China, that is why Chinese citizens are protecting themselves.

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