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SURAT: Online studies of 23,000-odd students, at least 20,000 of whom are medical students, studying in various Chinese universities have been badly affected after they are being forced to download apps that had been banned by the government of India.
India had banned nearly 250 Chinese apps after a bitter border stand-off.
Students allege that the varsities are forcing them to download the banned mobile applications to continue with their courses.
Most universities in China are using apps like WeChat, DingTalk, SuperStar and a video chat app by Tencent. They have asked students to manage access to these apps and study.
These students, who are members of the Indian Students in China (ISC), have raised the issue with both the Chinese and Indian authorities. As a temporary solution, students are accessing these apps through Virtual Private Network (VPN) to attend classes.
“Earlier my classes were conducted online on WeChat app. But after it was banned by the Indian government, my university started using another Chinese platform DingTalk, but that too got banned,” said Shahrukh Khan, a student from Delhi and currently studying in Soochow University.
These students pay annual tuition fees ranging between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 4.5 lakh. Moreover, travel to China too is still banned.
“Due to network issues, we can’t attend lectures and it is certainly not smooth learning. Due to a lot of disturbance, we do not even understand the basic details sometimes,” said a student in Vadodara, who is also the national coordinator of ISC.
Nimrat Singh, a student from Jaipur, recently completed second-year MBBS in Harbin Medical University. Singh is now preparing for the National Exit Test (NExT) exam that is mandatory for foreign students to practice in India. “I don’t know when I can attend the regular classes and we face major issues in attending online classes as well. My university is conducting classes on the Tencent app, which is banned in India,” Singh said.
Various organizations from India are trying to raise the issues with competent authorities. “On behalf of Gujarat students, I and some others are trying to arrange a meeting with ministers in the central government to discuss the issues of these students,” said Manish Kapadiya, a member of Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce (SGCCI).
(Student names have been changed to protect their identity)
Watch Indian students allegedly ‘forced to download banned Chinese apps to continue online studies’


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