Is it safe to consume ginger during pregnancy, let’s find out

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience in everyone’s life and during this time your relatives and your friends must be giving you advice about food and drink. In fact, it is very important to pay attention to your diet during this time. At the same time, there are some things which are good to avoid during pregnancy. While we all remain confused about some things, whether to eat them or not. One such thing every heart is wonderful is ginger. Let us know that you like this herb during pregnancy Is it safe to consume or not?

Is it safe to eat ginger during pregnancy?

Ginger is considered a super food as it acts as an immunity booster. Manisha Ranjan, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Motherhood Hospital, says that you can eat ginger in moderation during pregnancy.

For this, you can consume one gram of ginger daily. Keep in mind that take this one gram also in three to four doses in a day. The right way to eat ginger is in its raw form, but if you are feeling nervous or vomiting, then you can eat it in candy form as well. You can also drink ginger tea.

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Now know the benefits of eating ginger during pregnancy

Helps in controlling cholesterol level Ginger is considered very beneficial in regulating cholesterol level during pregnancy.

supplies blood to the baby If you consume ginger during pregnancy, then your baby will get enough blood supply.

Protects you from cough and cold During pregnancy, your immune system weakens and you are more prone to infections. Therefore, to avoid all these dangers, you should consume ginger.

Provides relief from morning sickness If you have vomiting or have a problem of sickness in the morning, then consuming ginger can give you relief.

controls blood sugar It not only controls your blood sugar during pregnancy, but also provides you with energy.

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Disadvantages of eating more ginger during pregnancy

If you are taking medicines for blood pressure or any other thing, then you must consult your doctor once before consuming ginger.

You can eat ginger during pregnancy by adding it to your vegetables or any good dish. Apart from this, you can drink it by making tea or other drinks, which helps in protecting you from diseases. You can also consume ginger with cinnamon or mint leaves.


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