Pakistan again banned the Chinese app Tiktok

Islamabad: Pakistan accepts ‘inappropriate content’ For allegedly failing to remove ‘Tiktok’ App blocked. The Chinese app, which allows sharing of short videos, has been banned in the country for the fourth time in recent months. Telecom regulator Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) tweeted that the ‘Electronic Crime Prevention Act, 2016’ The PTA has banned the Tiktok app and its website in the country in light of the relevant provisions of"text-align: justify;">It said, “Inappropriate content continues to be found on this platform and no steps are being taken to remove such content, which has led to this action.”

Earlier, in March, the Peshawar High Court had suspended this app on the petition of several citizens. However, after lifting the ban a few weeks later, the court had asked the PTA to take steps so that no ‘immoral content’ could be uploaded.

PTA spokesperson Khurram Mehran told Geo News that the app was asked several times about the “inappropriate content” being posted online but no action was taken by it.

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