Sawan: These 5 flowers dear to Lord Shiva are a boon for health, you get these amazing benefits

Sawan Special: Lord Shiva’s beloved month Sawan has started. In this holy month the devotees of Bholebaba leave no chance to please him. According to religious beliefs, Lord Shiva is the only god who is very quickly pleased by the worship of his devotees. Most of the people know about the tradition of offering hemp-datura, white flowers, bel leaves to the innocent Bhandari in the month of Sawan, but today we tell you about 5 flowers dear to Shiva, which are also a boon for health. is not less than.

Datura (Thorn Apple)
Datura is one of the most beloved flowers of Lord Shiva. Alkaloids are extracted from the seeds of Datura to make medicine. They are used in many medicines of Ayurveda.

Datura is used for all the problems like asthma, inflammation, pregnancy, epilepsy, piles and weakness. It is believed that along with removing the problem of baldness with the help of datura, the dandruff of the hair is also removed.

Madar (Akwan)
There are madar white or blue flowers. A garland of these flowers dear to Shiva is offered.

Madar flower is also known as Akova and Arc. Many medicinal properties are found in it. Which are very beneficial for health. The use of its flowers and leaves helps in curing diseases like asthma, diabetes, leprosy and piles.

Hibiscus flowers are also considered very dear to Shiva. Red and white hibiscus are considered to be of special importance in the worship of Shiva.

In Ayurveda, hibiscus is known as the best herb for hair. Its medicinal properties help to overcome every problem related to hair.

Mogra, this lovely fragrant flower of white color is offered to Lord Shiva for getting children.

Mogra flower has anti-aging properties that slow down the fine lines and aging process on the skin. It is beneficial to use mogray oil with petroleum jelly and coconut oil to remove stretch marks and blemishes.

Blue Waterlily
There is such a belief about Neel Kamal that the virtue that one gets by offering thousand Kaner flowers is equal to the virtue obtained by offering only one flower of Neel lotus. This flower is also considered very useful for the attainment of Lakshmi.

Neil lotus flower has the properties of relieving depression, sharpening the mind, removing gas problems, menstrual problems, and relieving chronic pain.

Disclaimer- Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and genuineness of the information given in this article. We kindly request you to consult your doctor before trying any remedy. Our purpose is only to provide you with information.


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