Bihar Corona: Controversy started over death toll, opposition raised questions on sudden 73 percent increase

Patna: Controversy continues over the death toll from Corona in Bihar. The reason for the controversy is the figures appearing on the Kovid site. In fact, according to the figures released by the Bihar Health Department on May 7, 5424 people died of corona in Bihar. But when the figures were released on May 8, the death toll reached 9375. Controversy has started over this ‘game’ of figures. The question is how the death toll increased by 73 percent in 24 hours.

Additional Chief Secretary clarified

Amidst the controversies, Additional Chief Secretary of Bihar Health Department Pratyaya Amrit addressed a virtual press conference on Wednesday during the Corona period. During this, on the one hand, he gave information about the number of people who died of corona in the state. On the other hand, while giving information about the negligence regarding the number of dead, he talked about action against the careless health workers. He said that there were many people who were left out. In such a situation, the right people have been added after checking.

Action will be taken against negligent workers

Holding the health workers responsible for the discrepancy in the figures, he said that there was a lapse in their level. In such a situation, action is being taken against them. At the same time, action will be taken against those whose negligence will come to the fore. This is a very sensitive matter and every district should have taken special care. Reports should have been sent regularly. There were challenges during the Corona period, but the report should have been sent on time.

Congress leader said this thing

Here, the opposition has started besieging the government on the ‘game’ of figures. Congress leader Premchandra Mishra has demanded a probe into the entire matter. He said that there is corruption in every department. Finding an opportunity in a disaster should be learned from the Bihar government. The government was hiding the figures till yesterday. But when the announcement of giving four lakh rupees to the kin of the deceased was made, then the figure suddenly started increasing, because if the figure would be bigger then only then the scam would be big. In such a situation, we demand that the entire matter be investigated.

government is exposed

RJD has also surrounded the government over the discrepancy in the death figures from Corona in the state. RJD spokesperson Mrunjay Tiwari said that there should be a judicial inquiry into the whole matter. One day after a 73% increase, the Bihar government has been exposed. Innumerable pyres were burning on the Ganga Ghats and the government was hiding the figures. The report has not yet been prepared in the villages. In such a situation, the whole matter should be investigated so that the correct figure comes out.

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