Coronavirus: Center employee will get 15 days SCL if parents are found infected, know what else

New Delhi: The second wave of deadly corona virus continues in the country. Meanwhile, the Central Government has given new facilities to its employees in view of Corona. If a parent or a dependent member of the family of an employee of the center is found infected with the corona virus, then the employee will be eligible to take special casual leave (SCL) for 15 days, the Personnel Ministry has issued an order in this regard. has done. Know what else has been said in the order.

SCL Will get leave even after the end, but…

The ministry has also taken into account the problems being faced by the government employees. For this, a detailed order has been issued for various queries regarding treatment, hospitalization, isolation etc. during the corona epidemic. If any family member/parent needs to be hospitalized and this SCL of 15 days is over, then in such case any other leave can be granted to the Government servant till his relative is discharged from the hospital. is.”

Apart from this what else?

  • If a government employee becomes infected and is in isolation at home or elsewhere, he can be given commuted leave of up to 20 days.
  • If a government employee is found infected and is in home isolation and is also admitted to a hospital, he/she may be granted commuted leave/SCL/earned leave for up to 20 days from the time he/she is found infected. .
  • If a government employee has to be kept in the hospital even after the 20th day after being found infected with Kovid, then he will get commuted leave on the basis of documentary evidence in this regard.
  • If a government employee’s parents or a dependent family member is found infected with Kovid, then he will get a special casual leave of 15 days.
  • If a government employee comes in direct contact with a Kovid-19 infected person and is in home isolation, he will be treated as ‘duty/work from home’ for seven days.

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