Five Ways to Conserve Natural Resources at Home

Celebrated every year on June 5, World Environment Day is a reminder about how extremely necessary it is to conserve the planet and nature. In order to lead our lives, consumption of natural resources is important, but if we learn to use them in a sustainable way, a healthy environment can be maintained and we can leave behind a healthy planet for our future generations.

It’s not important for every one of us to make comprehensive plans or huge investments to conserve nature. We can also do so while carrying on with our day-to-day life but including some environmentally friendly habits in our lives.

Here are some incredibly simple habits we can inculcate in our lives to save our environment, with or without wearing a green cape:

Every drop counts

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Every individual should try washing only full loads of laundry. If you take a bath using a shower, keep a bucket below it so that the extra droplets are collected in the bucket. You can use it to water plants. While brushing teeth, it’s important to turn off the faucet in order to conserve water.

Stop eating red meat or reduce it

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According to the Environmental Working Group, red meat is responsible for nearly 40 times as many greenhouse emissions as vegetables and grains. If those grains that are fed to livestock are fed to people, about 800 million more humans could be fed. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, red meat must be replaced with high-quality plant protein.

Stop food wastage

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In order to reduce food wastage, plan your weekly meals and buy foods that are only mentioned on your shopping list. If there is a portion of leftover food, you can store it in an airtight container and refrigerate it. The next day, you can reheat your food and consume it.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Reduce usage of plastic silverware, straws and paper plates and splurge on bottles, BPA lunch packages and mason jars that will last. Make sure to carry some reusable bags so that you do not have to carry your shopping items in a plastic bag given by the store. In case you are still filled with enough plastic bags and water bottles, you can reuse them to store household items or throw away the garbage.

Start gardening

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Gardening is not only a great hobby but is also a huge step in order to conserve the environment. Grow flower plants for birds, bees and other pollinators. You can also harvest your fruits and vegetables so that you get a healthier substitute for the ones you get in the market. This hobby will also save you money.

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