For the sake of unbroken good fortune, the married people fasted for Vat Savitri, praying for the long life of the husband

Patna: In some districts of Uttar Pradesh, including Bihar-Jharkhand, women observed a fast of Vat Savitri on Thursday and worshiped the Vat tree and prayed to God for the long life of the husband. Vatsavitri fasting has great significance for the married people. Suhagan women observe this fast on Amavasya Tithi of Jyeshtha month for unbroken good fortune. During the fast, the Vat tree is worshiped with fruits, flowers, naivedya etc. Then the yarn is wrapped around the tree. Bamboo fans have great importance in this fast. 

It is a tradition to wash husband’s feet

During the worship, women first fan the banyan tree and then after the worship, after washing the feet of the husband, take his blessings by flickering the fan. In many places there is also a tradition of fasting on the day of fasting. Whereas in many places women take food after worship. During the Corona period, on Thursday, in almost every district of Bihar, a crowd of married women was seen around the banyan tree. Everyone was seen worshiping for the health of the husband. 

<p style="text-align: justify;"In the Malasalami area of ​​Bihar's capital Patna, women were seen worshiping following the Corona protocol. During this, she was also seen pleading with God to end the corona epidemic. 

Women worship at home in Sitamarhi

In Sitamarhi of the state, there was a crowd of women around the banyan tree. While some women were seen worshiping at home due to the crowd. In the temple located near the residence of the sub-divisional officer, the whole atmosphere remained devotional due to the chanting of the mantra of Acharya Pandit Vedaprakash Shastri of Rajalakshmi Ashram. During the worship, all the women circumambulated the Vat tree by tying a protective thread.

<p style="text-align: justify;"During this, Pandit told that according to the legend, on this day Savitri got back the life of her dead husband Satyavan from Yamraj with her determination and reverence. For this reason, there is such a belief that a woman who observes this fast like Savitri remains happy forever.

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