FRIENDS become new pivot of fashion for denizens

Our past has always had a strong influence on our present

By Prerna Gauba

PUBLISHED ON JUN 10, 2021 02:24 PM IST

Our past has always had a strong influence on our present. The past amalgamated with our present, has always bred newness and been a driving force for fashion. Their reinvigorating presence has added a new flavor everytime. Case in point this year: The FRIENDS Reunion. As soon as the reunion episode of the classic and most-loved ahead-of-its-time show was announced, we went back to revisiting those good old 90s days and fashion trends it made – from Rachel’s high-waist skirts to Monica’s dungarees and Phoebe’s Bohemian dressings.

While many bloggers and fashion enthusiasts replicating the looks, some are creating the ultimate quiz, and many are ordering these Tshirts for their friends online. Student Sukriti Arora who has been separated from her friends, sent them the merchandise to revive their 90s memories. “I got the friends Tshirt printed online and couriered it to all my friends, just as a symbol of friendship and longing.” Friends fashion is making a comeback and has also spiked the sales for the FRIENDS merchandise as well. Vikas Singh, who prints Tshirts in Nehru Place told us, “In the last month he got many orders of the tee which he sent to his clients through courier. They sent us designs which we printed and sent them. The ‘How u doin’ shirt was a hot seller.”

Stylists believe the ensembles from the shows will be here to stay as they appeal to a wide audience and are present sartorial choice of keeping it casual. “Friends Reunion has us all going back memory lane and relating those days. I’d say the show was so real and the fashion so absorbable by the masses that it never truly left the minds and consciousness of the society back then and has made its way to the now. Be it the denim shirts, oversized knitwear, slip dresses, gingham print, the half-buttoned cardigans, neutral coordinates, or the versatile hairstyles and accessories. The perception as a 90’s kid and how we adopt it in the 2021’s has definitely changed but resonating back, the cast was so identifiable, that it still makes all the sense,” says image consultant Meha Bhargava.



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