Is corona vaccine affecting women’s menstruation too, know what is the reality

In India, people above 18 years of age have started getting the corona vaccine. In such a situation, many claims related to this vaccine and women’s periods are being made on social media. It is being said that the immunity of women is very weak during menstruation, so they should avoid getting corona vaccine during this period. Apart from this, it is also being said about the corona vaccine that the immunity of the person remains weak for some time after getting this vaccine. If you also have some questions in your mind regarding the corona vaccine or your periods and fertility, then let us know the correct answers from the experts themselves.

Is it safe to take the vaccine during periods?
According to Dr. Shaili Singh, Senior Consultant, Gynecologist (Gynecologist) at Rosewalk Hospital, women can get this vaccine any day during their periods. It is completely safe. It doesn’t have any side effects.

Is the corona vaccine affecting women’s menstruation too?
Doctor Shaily says that the corona vaccine is not affecting the menstrual cycle of women at all. Delay or painful periods can also be due to increased stress during corona.

Some people are complaining of delayed periods or painful periods after the vaccine. What could be the reason for this?
Doctor Shaily tells that the work pressure on women has increased significantly during Corona. Due to which he has started complaining more about Tavan. This can also be the reason for their delayed or painful periods.

Can COVID-19 change the cycle of periods?
This problem is being seen in some women. Actually, during recovery from Karona, some medicines are given to the patient to thin the blood. Due to which there can be problems like heavy flow and pain along with changes in the period cycle.

No link between abnormal periods and covid vaccine
Dr Randy Hutter Epstein and Alice Lu-Culligan from the Yale School of Medicine said, ‘So far there is no data that can establish any link between the corona vaccine and changes in menstruation’.

The PIB issued a statement saying, “The messages saying that girls and women should not take the vaccine five days before and five days after their period are fake. Do not believe this rumour.”


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