Parliamentarian Mahua Moitra ‘rebels with a cause’ in ₹27k silk sari for magazine

Parliamentarian Mahua Moitra is a well known personality, who is known across India for her impassioned speeches in Parliament. And surely, whether you know of her political ideology or not, each one of us has at some point or the other seen the All India Trinamool Congress party candidate stand proudly while the House is in session and seen her passionately speak and make strong arguments for the causes she believes in.

Mahua Moitra, the 17th Lok Sabha from Krishnanagar, West Bengal, also makes quite the stunning picture in her perfectly ironed handloom saris, dark hair and kohl-lined eyes as she stands shoulder to shoulder with other, more experienced Parliamentarians, never backing down. And most recently the 46-year-old Member of Parliament graced the cover of a magazine which dubbed her as a ‘Rebel With A Cause’.

For Harper’s Bazaar India‘s latest issue, the magazine claimed that ‘Mahua Moitra is not taking no for an answer’. In the interview with the magazine, in one quote Mahua Moitra explains, “A lot of people say, ‘You speak so passionately’ or ‘You sound so angry’, but these are real emotions that I’m feeling; they come from my heart. I speak what I’m thinking, I speak what I’m feeling. If I’m angry, that must come out. If I’m frustrated, that has to come out, too. I don’t apologise for how I sound.”

For the cover, Mahua was seen in a indigo, magenta and olive hued handwoven silk saree was embellished with silver stripes woven into it. The saree by Mumbai-based designer Payal Khandwala is priced at 26,800 on the website. The handwoven silk sari has silk borders in a satin weave and is ‘produced in limited quantities by trained artisans across West Bengal’. Mahua had her hair placed neatly behind her and sported minimal make-up, wearing only studs in her ears.

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In another image, the parliamentarian is seen in a baby pink and indigo bordered silk saree, where she once again skipped the accessories as she sat back in a white cane chair.

She also explained that it was important to her to speak the truth and she was lucky that so many wanted to hear what she had to say. She shared, “I will continue to say what is on my mind…that is who I am. I am very lucky to be able to have hundreds of millions of people hear me, and I must, must, must, stand up and speak about what I believe is the truth, and what I feel is the pressing need of the hour. It is extremely important to me.”


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