Students got China’s Korana vaccine, still did not get visa there – Central Government

India on Thursday asked China to allow Indian citizens, especially those working or studying in China, to travel to that country. India said that the necessary two-way travel facility should be provided, especially keeping in mind the fact that Chinese nationals are able to travel to India. The Ministry of External Affairs also said that it is in touch with the Chinese side to resume travel to China for Indian nationals.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said in a press conference, “While we recognize the need to ensure safety and strictly adhere to COVID related protocols, necessary two-way travel facilities should be provided, especially Keeping in view the fact that Chinese citizens are able to travel to India.

He said that Chinese citizens are able to travel to India despite the lack of direct contact. “However, it is not possible for Indian nationals to travel to China since last November as the Chinese side has suspended the existing visas,” he said. We are in contact with the Chinese side to get it restarted as soon as possible, especially for those who work or study there.

Bagchi said that in March this year, the Chinese embassy issued a notification regarding visa facility for those taking China-made vaccines. Bagchi said, “It is understood that many Indian nationals have applied for Chinese visas after being vaccinated in this way, but they have not been issued visas yet. Since these Indian nationals have clearly met the requirements laid down by the Chinese side, we hope that the Chinese Embassy will issue them visas very soon.”

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